Snowcat Skiing in Alaska's Best Backcountry
Valdez, Alaska

Join us during the 2010/2011 season for riding Alaska's Best Backcountry

Road construction and terrain assessment begin. Once complete you will have the opportunity to ride untouched "pow-pow".

The beginning of the month is usually the coolest time of the season. The cold and dry conditions create a light pow perfect for face shots. The mid to the end of the month typically brings what Valdez is best known for, ramping up for the spring season. It can be hit and miss, but when it hits "epic" is the only word to describe it.

The first half of the month traditionally produces some of the largest snow accumulation Mother Nature has to offer. Before the storm clears reserve your seat on the "first-cat" for the powder runs that you dream about at night while you count vertical. As Alaska is gaining daylight so fast you forget what time it is, the last few weeks of March bring an onslaught of snow and backcountry activity including skiing's original and most legendary big mountain competition to ever be organized in this solar system....."The World Extreme Skiing Championships" (WESC).

"King of the Hill", snowboarding's original big mountain event rings in the new month and will crown the best snowboarder in the world. KOTH is touted by some as the sports premier event. This is one of the busiest and best fair weather riding times of the season so reserve your seat early. From mid April on, its anybodies guess as to how long access to the area will last. If you have not ridden with us by this probably missed out.