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Jack the Moose from the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center says:
"Listen up to what Susan and John have to say about coming to Alaska."

Tips Include:
What to Wear in winter
Where to Buy winter gear
Coffee Shops in downtown Anchorage
Sandwich Shops in downtown Anchorage

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We at 907 Tours have experienced the mood swings of Mother Nature for over 40 years. Because of this, we ask you to be prepared even on a nice day.

Here are some tips on how to dress when coming to Alaska in the winter. Remember: Dress in layers.

Breathable microfiber or smart wool works best for your first "long john" layer.
Fleece, or yoga pants
Socks - a material that will breathe. No cotton. Sweat that chills on your skin makes you really cold. Brrrrr.
Over pants - thin rain/windproof or thicker ski, snowboard, snowmachine pants.
Hat, scarf, ski gloves.
Sunglasses - sun on the white snow is really bright.
Sturdy shoes, hiking boots, winter boots. Please no tennis shoes, high heels or sandals. Yes, we have seen it.
Places where you can buy some clothing in Anchorage, Alaska.
Here are some coffee shops you might enjoy in downtown Anchorage, Alaska.
Looking for some lunch? Here are some quick places, sandwich shops and a couple of pubs you might enjoy in downtown Anchorage, Alaska.